At the Philippine Embassy of Rome

We just returned home from the Philippine Embassy, where my stepson got his new passport.

I could not enter, as there was no parking and I had to double park outside the embassy.

Because I didn’t have the chance to get inside I saved the Pinoy officials from hearing my usual panloloko.

The last time I applied for an entry visa (although I am married to a Filipina I still need a visa….I could theoretically apply for a Filipino passport but I have to do it in the Philippines, I can’t do it here through Embassy) the guy at the counter asked me: “what’s the purpose of your trip to the Philippines sir?” and I said: “ubos na ang mga kahon ng Red Horse sa bahay, kailangan kong bumili ng bagong supply“. And the guy rightly observed: “you speak Tagalog sir”, and I replied “opo, sa dami ng maboboteng usapan kasama ng mga kabayan”

It’s always the same story: each time I have the chance to enter the embassy I cannot hold back from doing some panloloko.

On one occasion I told them that I wanted to apply for the position of bagong consul ng Pilipinas sa Roma….

Kaunting biro bilang pampatunaw….

4 thoughts on “At the Philippine Embassy of Rome

    1. If I stay more than 90 days I need a visa, unless I apply for permanent resident permit or the Philippine passport, which I could do as husband of a Filipina, but I can’t do it through embassy


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