Why Many Filipinos don’t Switch on their Cameras During Zoom Meetings

This is a question that was raised by Mike Grogan, an Irish business coach based in the Philippines, in one of his posts on LinkedIn.

And in the comment section a bunch of reasons why this is the case were given.

Somebody said that the reason why many Filipinos don’t switch on their cameras during videoconferences is because many Filipino homes are not suitable as offices, as there might be some underwear hanging to dry on the background.

Someone else said that it is because of bandwidth issues…. well, I am not too sure: granted, in the Philippines there might be some bandwidth issues but even here in Italy Filipinos don’t seem to switch on their cameras during Zoom meetings and they have fast internet connection and the latest electronic gadgets.

Someone else said that Filipinos are shy by nature and uncomfortable to talk face to face to people from another country.

My personal idea is……

Dahil nagmemeryenda sila

It’s as simple as that!

Filipinos can hide gin, Tanduay, Emperador, Fundador in a cup pretending that they are drinking coffee, which would be perfectly acceptable during a videoconference.

But where can they hide Boy Bawang?

So, what’s the solution?

Patayin na lang ang camera!

20 thoughts on “Why Many Filipinos don’t Switch on their Cameras During Zoom Meetings

  1. No camera also with meeting with customer to save bandwidth.. but with our own team then yes.. germans also have laundry clothes hanging in their homes or mops that can be seen at the back of their chair.. during lockdown, we make office in the storage room away from noisy kids..🤣

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      1. LMAO! Wine in a coffee cup. I use beer mugs even with my coffee so I think I’ll still get caught even if I try to discreetly drink from it. I have to get cups that aren’t transparent. Hahaha!

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