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Website About the Filipino Culture and Language from the Perspective of a Foreigner

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Explore the Philippines and its Culture

Get to Know the Unique Filipino Culture

Filipinos are “Malay in Family, Spanish in Love, Chinese in Business and American in Ambition”: is the Philippines an Asian Country?

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Discover How to Have a Thriving Multiethnic Marriage

Discover How to Successfully Deal with Culture Shock and the Filipino In-laws Culture

Filipinos who get married still see themselves at the center of a vast kin-group. How can a Westerner deal with such a different approach to family life?

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Learn the Tagalog Language

Learn your Filipina’s Native Language

I have spent a great deal of time studying my wife’s native language because I believe that being able to speak it well is a massive rapport builder

The foreigner can remain aloof and an outsider and yet manage to function; but he will be ill at ease. A little understanding and insight will open doors and arms

“Culture Shock Philippines” by Alfredo and Grace Roces

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